Rajasthan Desert Sanctuary

Rajasthan Desert Sanctuary

he Desert parcel could be a tremendous example of the system of the Thar desert and its various fauna. Sand dunes sort around 2 hundredths of the Park. the foremost landform consists of craggy rocks and compact salt lake bottoms, bury medial sq. measureas and stuck dunes that ar quite applicable for the chinkara to maneuver at high speed. The black buck is another common bovid of this region. Its different notable inhabitants unit the field marshal, Bengal fox, wolf, and desert cat.Rajasthan Desert Sanctuary

Sudashri forest post is that the best place for perceptive the lifetime of Desert parcel and is that the foremost fitted at intervals the whole 3162 sq. kms. of this park for wanting and photographing the activities of the animals from behind cowl.Rajasthan Desert Sanctuary

Birdlife throughout this sandy surroundings is vivid and spectacular. Birds just like the sand grouse, partridges, bee-eaters, larks and shrikes unit sometimes seen. Demoiselle crane and Hobard arrive at intervals the winter. The birds of prey seen here unit chromatic and champaign eagles, long legged and honey buzzards, falcons and kestrels. but the foremost outstanding of the fauna is that the good Indian water. This tall, serious bird is Associate in Nursing epitome of confidence and sweetness. it’s sensible to look at five or six bustards near Sudashri pool.Rajasthan Desert Sanctuary

Entry requirements
All guests to abandon national sanctuary need to be compelled to pay Associate in Nursing entry fee.

Accommodation and different facilities
Fortunately for tourists, accommodation is not a problem in Jaisalmer. the town (not the park) includes a variety of guest homes, forest lodges, and hotels, furthermore as some luxurious heritage properties.

Besides the accommodation among the town, there area unit a pair of forest lodges and a pair of restaurants within the park. The restaurant’s area unit, however, terribly basic and it’s suggested to bring your own food if you plan to pay the entire day within the park.

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